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Terms and Conditions

Booking Deposit, Payments and Cancellation:

To secure and book the date in our Elle Duke diary, we require a 25% deposit from the initial order total.

This amount is deducted from your final bill and is non-refundable once paid.

The remaining balance is due in full 1 month (28 days) prior to your wedding date.

Please note that VAT is shown at the bottom of the quotation/order. 

After the initial deposit, incremental payments can be made monthly throughout the booking period or a final lump sum

can be paid 1 month prior to the wedding date.

If you make a 'last minute' booking with Elle Duke and your wedding is only a month away, you will be expected to pay the

full invoice up front, to secure your date.

Elle Duke recommends you take out wedding insurance cover from a reputable insurance company to protect you in the

event of cancellation or further Covid 19 restrictions.

Booking cancellations must be made at least 1 month prior to your wedding date. Your deposit will be not be refunded but

no further charges will be due. 

Cancellations made one month or less before your wedding date are subject to charges for loss of earnings (where your

booking could have been taken by another couple) and to cover the cost of sundries already ordered.

Cancellations made prior to a month before your wedding have the option of their date being re-booked on a mutually

agreed date in the future. Your deposit will remain valid and no re-booking charges will apply.


Flower Choices and Availability:

Initial flower and style choices will be discussed and made during your first, free, in-person consultation. From this you will

receive an itemised quotation based on your choices.

Once you have booked with us, any alterations to your order and theme can be discussed via email or at a follow up phone, Zoom or in person consultation by appointment but all adjustments must be finalised before your final payment, 1 month (28 days) prior to your wedding date.

All flowers selected are subject to availability and Elle Duke reserves the right to make carefully considered alterations to your floral recipe where colours and specific flowers are unavailable.

We will make seasonal and palette recommendations but we regret there are rare occasions where there will be an element discussed that is not available.

Any changes made will always be in line with your discussed colour scheme and overall theme and should not affect the floral impact of your special day.

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